Regulatory Toxicology Publications

Systems Toxicology: Real World Applications and Opportunities

Hartung T
Jennings P
Mirams GR
Peitsch MC
Rostami-Hodjegan A
Shah I
Sturla SJ
Chemical Research in Toxicology

OECD/EFSA Workshop on Developmental Neurotoxicity (DNT): The Use of Non-Animal Test Methods for Regulatory Purposes

Fritsche E
Crofton KM
Hernandez AF
Hougaard Bennekou S
Bal-Price A
Reaves E
Terron A
Solecki R
Gourmelon A

A critical review of frameworks used for evaluating reliability and relevance of (eco)toxicity data: Perspectives for an integrated eco-human decision-making framework

Ciffroy P
Environment International

Perspectives for integrating human and environmental exposure assessments

Ciffroy P
Péry AR
The Science of the Total Environment

The European Registered Toxicologist (ERT): current status and prospects for advancement

Blaauboer BJ
Schulte-Hermann R
Wallace HM
Galli CL
Haag-Grönlund M
Matović V
Teixeira JP
Zilliacus J
Basaran N
Bonefeld-Jørgensen EC
Bourrinet P
Brueller W
Claude N
Miranda JP
Gundert-Remy U
Håkansson H
Kovatsi L
Liesivuori J
Lindeman B
Lison D
Leconte I
Martínez-López E
Murias M
Michel C
Scheepers PT
Stanley L
Tsatsakis A
Toxicology Letters

Problem formulation for risk assessment of combined exposures to chemicals and other stressors in humans

Solomon KR
Bachman A
Boobis A
Moretto A
Pastoor TP
Phillips R
Embry MR
Critical Reviews in Toxicology

White paper on the promotion of an integrated risk assessment concept in European regulatory frameworks for chemicals

Faust M
Papadaki P
Marchis A
Calliera M
Ginebreda A
Andres S
Kühne R
Schüürmann G
HEROIC consortium
The Science of the Total Environment

International STakeholder NETwork (ISTNET): creating a developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) testing road map for regulatory purposes

Bal-Price A
Crofton KM
Allen S
Arand M
Buetler T
Delrue N
Hartung T
Heinonen T
Hogberg H
Bennekou SH
Lichtensteiger W
Oggier D
Paparella M
Axelstad M
Piersma A
Rached E
Schilter B
Schmuck G
Tongiorgi E
Tiramani M
Ylikomi T
Fritsche E
Archives of Toxicology

Neurodevelopmental and neurobehavioural effects of polybrominated and perfluorinated chemicals: A systematic review of the epidemiological literature using a quality assessment scheme

Toxicology Letters

Bisphenol A - Why an adverse outcome pathway framework needs to be applied

Toxicology Letters

Environmental contaminants and target organ toxicities - new insights into old problems

Tsatsakis AM
Toxicology Letters

Systems Toxicology: From Basic Research to Risk Assessment

Sturla SJ
Boobis AR
Hoeng J
Kavlock RJ
Schirmer K
Whelan M
Peitsch MC.
Chemical Research in Toxicology

Perspectives for integrating human and environmental risk assessment and synergies with socio-economic analysis

Péry AR
Schüürmann G
Ciffroy P
Faust M
Backhaus T
Mombelli E
Tebby C
Cronin MT
Tissot S
Andres S
Brignon JM
Frewer L
Georgiou S
Mattas K
Vergnaud JC
Peijnenburg W
Capri E
Marchis A
The Science of the Total Environment

Linking pesticide exposure and dementia: What is the evidence?

Zaganas I
Kapetanaki S
Mastorodemos V
Kanavouras K
Colosio C
Tsatsakis AM

The interplay between environmental and genetic factors in Parkinson's disease susceptibility: The evidence for pesticides

Dardiotis E
Xiromerisiou G
Hadjichristodoulou C
Tsatsakis AM
Hadjigeorgiou GM

Feasibility of the extended one-generation reproductive toxicity study (OECD 443)

Fegert I
Billington R
Botham P
Carney E
Hanley T
Lewis R
Marty MS
Schneider S
Sheets LP
Stahl B
van Ravenzwaay B
Reproductive toxicology (Elmsford, N.Y.)

The ethics of human volunteer studies involving experimental exposure to pesticides: unanswered dilemmas.

London L
Coggon D
Moretto A
Westerholm P
Colosio C
Environmental health : a global access science source

The value of acute toxicity studies to support the clinical management of overdose and poisoning: a cross-discipline consensus.

Chapman K
Creton S
Kupferschmidt H
Bond GR
Robinson S
Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology : RTP