Dr Emre Çörek

Postdoc Regulatory Toxicologist

Emre Çörek graduated in 2013 from the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg in B.Sc. in Biology where he worked on his thesis about the breast cancer radiosensitizing agent “NVP-BEZ235 (Dactolisib)". In 2015, he graduated in M.Sc. in Toxicology at the University of Basel. He worked for his Master’s thesis at Novartis AG in Basel in preclinical safety about the renal biomarker Kidney Injury Molecule-1 (KIM-1). After a break of one year, he started his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Basel graduating in 2020. His thesis was about superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles which was also part of the EU Horizon 2020 NanoREG II framework. In the same year, Emre joined SCAHT.

Tel: +41 61 207 19 61
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