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We advise authorities, promote research, and provide education and training in human toxicology

Main areas of activity

Regulatory Toxicology

The SCAHT provides scientific expertise to support authorities in their risk management activities. In addition, the Centre provides a vital link between researchers and regulators, helping to translate complex research findings into practical recommendations, measures and policies covering risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication.


The Centre's research aims to fill an existing gap in Switzerland between academic scientific research and regulatory requirements. Priority is given to major human health problems of regulatory concern, and projects are conducted within the framework of a coordinated research programme. SCAHT participates as appropriate in national programs involving toxicology issues and seeks relevant partners for this purpose. If possible and as necessary, SCAHT may also participate in relevant international programs and projects.


SCAHT's education and training programme is designed to meet the diverse needs of academia, regulatory agencies and industry. SCAHT contributes to graduate and postgraduate education leading to recognised qualifications and continual professional development (CPD) developing knowledge, skills and practical experience.


The centre communicates with the public to facilitate the understanding of toxicological risks and provides independent information and advice to the media and third parties.