8 Nov 2018 - 9 Nov 2018

Altertox Academy training: 3DTissue Engineering Quality Control - From the bench to the bedside, Montpellier

This two days hands-on training will cover these topics and techniques in the lab: IPSC and reprogramming; quality control of genetic stability: " DNA integrity of IPSC by copy number variation by digital droplet PCR"; gene expression profile: arrays or RNA-seq? choosing the right tool for the job; 3D printing of hydrogels scaffolds - design of scaffold, programation, printing parameters; preclinical models of rheumatic disease: how to analyse bone and articular via imaging.


Altertox Academy


IRMB – Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapies, 191 avenue du Doyen Gaston Giraud, 34295 Montpellier

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