5 Nov 2018 - 6 Nov 2018

ECOPA 2018 symposium: How New Experimental Tools in Life Sciences Challenge the 3Rs Vision, Paris

Developments of techniques in chemistry, physics, bioengineering, or big data analysis, in association with improvements in the understanding of biological mechanisms, yielded a bloom of new tools for experimental approaches in life sciences. In vivo, in silico and in vitro studies benefit from tools such as OMICs, organoids, bio-artificial organs, use of ex-vivo material, telemetry and non invasive measurements, imaging in vivo and on cellular material. ECOPIA and FRANCOPIA are organizing this scientific symposium, which should illustrate the tremendous potential offered by the new tools for the investigation in life sciences.


European Consensus-Platform for Alternatives (ECOPA) / French platform for the development of alternative methods in animal testing (FRANCOPA)


Paris Diderot University, Amphitheater BUFFON, 15 rue Hélène Brion, 75013 Paris

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