5 Apr 2024

SCAHT represented in the steering committee and with a presentation at DNT5 Conference in Konstanz

SCAHT Director Ellen Fritsche is member of the steering committee, session chair and will give a presentation at the DNT5 Conference which will take place on 7 - 10 April in Konstanz, Germany.

This conference will bring together diverse stakeholders from around the globe, including research scientists, regulators, industry representatives, academics, and pediatricians to discuss the actions to take for improving the development of time- efficient and human-relevant predictive in vitro DNT methods, and boosting their use for risk assessment and regulatory decision-making.

DNT5 will host symposia, interactive workshops, keynote speakers, and poster sessions, to discuss with the most important experts of the DNT field:

- Understanding of human disease mechanisms
- Application of ‘Novel Approach Methods’ / animal-free testing strategies
- Linking epidemiology to testing and regulations
- Novel screening strategies and projects
- Regulatory and risk assessment strategies

Take a look at the conference page for further information.