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Nicolas Roth

Regulatory Toxicologist

Nicolas Roth is a pharmacist and a board-certified toxicologist. He is currently a Regulatory Toxicology Expert with the Swiss Centre for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT), University of Basel, where he began his career in human health risk assessment in 2011. He has since served as a consultant in chemical risk assessment for the Swiss Federal Authorities (incl. the Federal Office for the Environment, the Food Safety and Veterinary Office, the Federal Office for Agriculture, the Federal Office for Public Health, the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, and the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products) and Cantonal Authorities, and provided advice to third parties on environmental chemical exposure- and risk-related issues. He has conducted numerous health risk assessments for a broad range of chemical stressors and regulatory contexts, incl. soil, sediment, and water contamination and remediation; food safety; consumer safety; worker safety; drug safety. He has been active (principal investigator, scientific coordination) in national and EU-funded projects (FP7, Horizon Europe) dedicated to environmental health and risk assessment. His main research interests include risk assessment methodology, integrated approaches to health and environmental risk assessment, weight of evidence, evaluation of data quality/internal validity, and the translation of systematic review principles into risk assessment practice. He is a Member of the WHO/IPCS Risk Assessment Network Expert Group for the use of Systematic Review methods in Chemical Risk Assessment, and a Member of the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation (GRADE) Environmental Health and Occupational Project Group. He is Associate Editor for Systematic Reviews at Environment International (IF 9.621).

Tel: +41 61 207 19 60