18 Mar 2021 - 18 Mar 2021

HESI webinar: The Contributions of Environmental Epidemiologic Research to Causal Attribution and Risk Assessment

First presentation of HESI Environmental Epidemiology Committee Webinar Series held by Prof. Harvey Checkoway (University of California, San Diego). Thu, Mar 18, 2021 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CET.

Webinar Abstract: Well-formulated epidemiologic investigations of adverse health risks associated with environmental exposures can contribute substantially to knowledge about disease etiology and risk assessment that can lead to disease prevention. Research can span a range of study approaches, from case series reports of unexpected rare disease occurrence to longitudinal cohort studies of relatively common adverse outcomes. Illustrative examples are case reports of soft tissue sarcoma among residents exposed to dioxin from a trichlorophenol plant explosion to cross-sectional and longitudinal epidemiologic studies of parkinsonism associated with occupational manganese exposure.


HESI Environmental Epidemiology Committee



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