15 Jan 2020 - 15 Jan 2020

OECD Webinar: Adverse Outcome Pathways: assembling and evaluating weight of evidence and quantitative understanding

When: Wednesday 15 January 2020, 1 pm (CET)

This second webinar on Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) will focus on the importance of weight of evidence in the process of developing AOPs, the types and lines of evidences assembled, examples demonstrating the lines of evidence and understanding why quantitative AOPs are developed. The AOP framework is a collaborative tool that applies an innovative approach for collecting mechanistic knowledge from various sources that can eventually support chemical safety assessment.

Presentations by: Magda Sachana (OECD), Bette Meek (Ottawa), Kristie Sullivan (PCRM), Dan Villeneuve (US EPA)




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