23 Jan 2020 - 23 Jan 2020

OpenTox Webinar: AOPs current trends and developments as exemplified by case studies

This virtual meeting will include a perspective by Tatyana Doktorova (Edelweiss Connect) followed by a short discussion session. 

The Adverse Outcome Pathway is a framework which describes the initial interaction of a stressor with a biomolecule and continuing with dependent series of intermediate key events (KEs) at different levels of biological organization, while finally ending in an adverse outcome (AOP). The primary objective for the introduction of the AOP concept was knowledge assembly, specifically, making information attained through scientific research by subject-matter experts and distributed in the body of scientific literature accessible to regulators during the decision-making process. It was then quickly recognized as a tool to enhance communication between scientists involved in generating biological/toxicological data and the potential end users of this information, such as modelers or risk assessors. In this session, we would like to provide an update of the current advances of scientists in the area as exemplified by case studies.




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