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The European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (PARC) involves close to 200 institutions working in environment and public health from 28 countries and three EU authorities (i.e., European Chemical Agency ECHA, the European Food Safety Authority EFSA, European Environment Agency EEA). PARC is coordinated by ANSES, the French Agency for Food Safety, Environmental Protection and Occupational Health. Through research advancements, knowledge sharing, development of methods and tools and improvement of skills in chemical risk assessment, PARC supports the European Union’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and the European Green Deal’s “Zero Pollution.” More information about PARC can be found here.

SCAHT contributes to Work Package 6 “Innovation in Regulatory Risk Assessment.” Specifically, Task 6.4 “Transposing Results to Regulatory Risk Assessment Methodologies” aims at developing and fostering the uptake of innovative, efficient and protective regulatory risk assessment and management approaches and methodologies. In their research project, SCAHT regulatory toxicologists collaborate with social scientists to assess the status quo of NAMs in European chemical risk assessment, risk assessors’ needs and technical, structural, legislative and psychological barriers and drivers for the uptake of NAM.

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Protocol for designing INVITES-IN, a tool for assessing the internal validity of in vitro studies
Evidence-Based Toxicology, Volume 1, 2023 - Issue 1, 31 August 2023