7 Jun 2021

Statement by SCAHT regarding link between pesticides and reproductive health (english, deutsch, français)

The recently published study on maternal occupational exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals during pregnancy and semen parameters in adulthood (Istvan et al., Human Reprod. 2021) which was co-funded by SCAHT has received widespread attention. Here is a statement by the SCAHT to help putting the study findings into context ...

1 Jun 2021

Rex FitzGerald leaves the SCAHT – or does he?

We wish him all the best for the future and are looking forward to his continuing support as consultant in regulatory projects and through teaching in our master courses.

25 May 2021

Call for Posters for SST Annual Meeting 2021, deadline for abstract submission: 22 October 2021

The scientific committee would like to encourage poster contributions from young toxicologists ...

12 May 2021

Call for session proposals: International Congress of Toxicology (ICT 2022), deadline is 1 June 2021

The XVIth International Congress of Toxicology (ICT 2022) is a joint congress of IUTOX and EUROTOX ...

12 May 2021

EFSA has updated safety assessment of titanium dioxide (E171)

Based on all the relevant available scientific evidence, EFSA concluded ...

29 Mar 2021

New OECD Guidance document on the "Characterisation, validation and reporting of Physiologically Based Kinetic (PBK) models for regulatory purposes"

OECD Series on Testing and Assessment No. 331; Environment, Health and Safety, Environment Directorate.

15 Mar 2021

Publication ”Reflections on the OECD guidelines for in vitro skin absorption studies“ - by SCAHT researchers Nancy Hopf, Aurélie Berthet, Elena Reale (Unisanté), et al. - was awarded 'DTSS Annual Paper of the Year'

The Dermal Toxicology Specialty Section (DTSS) of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) presents the 'Annual Paper of the Year Award' in recognition of an exceptional recent publication in the field of skin toxicology and pharmacology ...

4 Mar 2021

New OECD guidance: Identifying and selecting safer chemical alternatives

OECD guidance on hazard and exposure assessment and evaluating trade-offs, including case studies.

15 Feb 2021

EUROoC - Organ-On-Chip and the 3R: A virtual lab tour in 11 laboratories - Video published

15 PhD students give you a virtual lab tour in 11 laboratories, where  they are working on finding alternatives to reduce animal testing ...