3 Jun 2020

The MAS in Toxicology 2020 (Geneva/Lausanne) is now open for registration - Deadline: 30 June 2020

The only part-time curriculum in Toxicology in Switzerland compatible with the needs of scientists already in employment ...

29 May 2020

Upcoming EBTC GRADE Pre-Meeting Webinar on 15 June 2020 - with participation of SCAHT (session 1)

Topic: How certain are we? Progress in adapting systematic review methods to environmental health assessments ...

11 May 2020

SCAHT & COVID-19: In case of general inquiries or messages please send an email to

While the unprecedented public health emergency resulting from COVID-19 continues to evolve, SCAHT is affected in the same way as any other academic institution. Our top priority is of course the health and well-being of our staff and their families. Like everyone else, we are doing our best to continue working under difficult circumstances ...

10 May 2020

Pesticides: first cumulative risk reports published by EFSA

EFSA has published the results of its two pilot assessments on the risks posed to humans by residues of multiple pesticides in food ...

23 Apr 2020

Possible coronavirus drug - Team of Prof. Jörg Huwyler, University of Basel, produces generic medication

Hydroxychloroquine has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and antiviral effects and is used, inter alia, for the treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases. There are hopes that the drug might have a positive effect on the treatment of Covid-19 ...

6 Apr 2020

European Union Report on Pesticide Residues in Food

This report now also includes data from 2018. On the EFSA website you can find some dashboards visualising selected data.

27 Feb 2020

OECD webinar videos on Adverse Outcome Pathways AOPs released

Three OECD webinars on the Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) framework have recently been organised. They have been recorded and can be accessed following the links below.

The presentations are also available below each webinar.

21 Feb 2020

FHNW School of Life Sciences becomes SCAHT partner

We are pleased to welcome the School of Life Sciences FHNW (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland) as an official new partner to the SCAHT Foundation ...

20 Feb 2020

OECD eChemPortal updated February 2020

eChemPortal collates data from from multiple government sources on the properties, hazards and risks of chemicals ...