4 Aug 2023

SCAHT and EFSA organise a Continuing Education Course (CEC) at EUROTOX 2023 in Ljubljana

The perception of risks from chemicals differs between toxicologists and lay people. Toxicologists assess risks based on hazard and exposure but lay judgement is based on an interaction of values, beliefs and expectations (sometimes called ‘Intuitive Toxicology’). This is the topic of a CEC, jointly organised by SCAHT and EFSA, at EUROTOX 2023 in Ljubljana. It introduces key principles of public risk perception and shows their relevance for (risk) communication within topical and applied use cases. The CEC aims at providing toxicologists with the basic tools to develop risk communications with different target audiences, to strengthen trust in science and create broad agreement on risk-reducing measures. More information and registration details can be found here.